Sunday School

Camp Ground is blessed to have a thriving Sunday School Program. BUT! We always welcome new people to join our ranks and invite you to come and grow with us. Whatever your study style or age group, we have a class that will fit you. All of the classes start at 9:45 am. To give you an idea about what is available, here is a short description of each of the classes. AND, you are welcome any Sunday to any class and we even encourage you to try a couple of different ones until you find one that suits your style. We hope to see you!


Children & Youth (1 – 18)

Camp Ground Church provides Sunday School classes for every age student starting with the Nursery located downstairs through the Senior High School Class located upstairs.  As you enter the Education Building, you can get directions for any of these classes from one of the Sunday School Coordinators sitting just inside the door.

The Good Book Club (Parents, all ages)

This class offers a thought provoking and often entertaining mix of scripture, humor and varied perspectives. Each week, anywhere from 15-40 members gather as one of several “team teachers” leads the class in guided discussion.  Many members are parents with children (infant to college age), but newcomers and guests of any age or background are always welcome.


The 4L’s (21 – )

The 4L’s is a Bible centered adult class that learns through the study of God’s Word and class discussions.  We treasure everyone’s opinion and input.  We learn from each other.  Our age group ranges from mid-twenties through mid-sixties.  We Love, Live, Learn, and Laugh.  The 4L’s meet upstairs in the Joe and Mildred Raynor Educational Building.

Men’s Bible Class (Men, all ages)

The Men’s Bible Class is open to all men of the church of all ages.  We use the Adult Bible Studies from the International Lesson Series.  The Men’s Class meets in the classroom in the basement.

Wesleyan Fellowship Sunday School Class (31 – )

We are an active class made up of couples and singles with ages ranging from young adults to seniors.  We are currently studying the Adult Bible Studies from the International Lesson Series.  Most Sundays we enjoy having a pianist accompany our opening hymns.  This is a loving and caring group who prays for one another, as well as for others in need of prayer.  We send cards at appropriate times and we do our best to be available for those in need.  The Wesleyan Class meets in the Fellowship Hall.